It's been ten months since I was asked by a group of Danish shipowners to form, and startup a ship management company to manage the vessels they control. It was a very exciting project to start the company from scratch, from selecting a name, to purchasing computers, servers, accounting and telephone systems, office supplies, etc.

In the beginning, new ISM Manuals had to be written to get ISM, ISO, ISPS and MLC certifications in a very short period of time. To be able to do so, former ISP marine and technical personnel were hired, along with new personnel for the long term. We succeeded in getting all the required items completed to start the company and one month later took on the first vessel.

The company has grown fast, and today we operate eleven ships with twenty-five employees in the Marine, Technical and Accounting departments of CMI.

We are in the former ISP offices and work closely with our sister company, CMI Leisure who is also back in full swing.

I am extremely pleased and happy with everything that has been done in getting CMI up and running efficiently. Not only the people in the office, but especially the officers and crew on the ships have all risen to the occasion and have performed extremely well.

Soon after taking over the vessels, a number of upgrades were done to passenger areas, technical matters, dry-dockings carried out and overall improvements, etc. Within a very short time we have been able to perform well with the support of our owners, charterers, suppliers, and other colleagues in the industry; and with everyone’s support, CMI successfully thriving.

While we have come a long way, there is still a lot of work ahead as we continue to strive to be the premier passenger ship manager in the world. Again, our sincerest thanks to everyone for making CMI possible, and a success.

Kenneth Engstrom

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