“Full Speed Ahead in 2018”



To all our Clients, Officers, Staff and Crew across our Fleet, the CMI Office Staff and Partners wish you a Safe, Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

As we close out 2017 we look forward in moving full speed ahead in 2018 with our reorganization efforts, introduction of our new systems and initiatives to prepare for things to come. Your initial support and openness throughout my first eight months at CMI has allowed me to establish myself quickly, to better understand your requirements and provided me plenty of information to swiftly define a strategic plan. I am therefore grateful for your support as I continue to look forward to working with you in the same fashion throughout 2018.


I am excited to report that we launched our new website. Our intention was to create a new feel and look surrounding our services with updated vessel pictures and with a clear overall message, to be absolutely ‘Ship Management Focused’ and ‘Customer Service Oriented’, please visit; cmishipmanagement.com.


In the last edition I promised to announce our mission statement, I am happy to declare that we are looking forward:


“To be the Preferred Passenger Ship Management Company”


With this statement we would like to make it known we are dedicated towards ensuring our clients, prospective clients and crew feel that CMI manages their vessels with absolute regards to safety, the environment and operating expenses. We will focus on maintaining quality standards as they relate to overall vessel condition, passenger experience and crew morale.




> Focus on their Core Business

> Our Responsiveness

> Comprehensive levels of Safety & Security

> Simplicity in our process




> A safe and healthy Work Environment

> Ongoing Training and Coaching

> Be treated with Respect

> Career Opportunities


 I look forward to living our mission statement and values, towards working together in meeting these objectives and to indeed become the passenger ship manager of choice. The 2017 CMI Performance Questionnaire feedback from our clients and crew onboard, proved to be invaluable. It confirmed our outlined initiatives and earlier assessments on what we should be doing, are on the mark. Details of which you will find later in this edition. It also confirmed we still have a lot of work to do, and we must stay focused on enhancing our services across the fleet and across departments.


We therefore moved into our next phase of our implementation process and will be rolling out our new ship management software, called InfoSHIP® EVO by IB USA, a member of the RINA Group and an established provider of ship management software solutions to the cruise industry. We identified InfoSHIP® EVO as the most comprehensive software solution to handle all CMI’s needs under one platform, including, Procurement, Logistics, Planned Maintenance, Event Reporting, Auditing and Inspections, Ships Certificates and Dry-Dock/Special Project Management. We are excited about this as it will create the efficiencies we need as a Ship Management Company.


At our annual Board Meeting in December we presented our “Year in Review”. We outlined our achievements in 2017, but we also defined our ongoing challenges, our strengths, weaknesses and offered solutions to handle present and future growth. Our strategic plan, “2018 and Beyond” was well received by our Board as they have been phenomenal in their support of our plans, approving our new 2018 organization and budget proposal.


2017, certainly was a year of transition, while completing the largest number of projects undertaken on multiple ships, in a single year. The office team despite the many changes, challenges and initiatives, remained focused on getting it done. A special ‘thank you’ goes out to the team for believing in the mission and for supporting the reorganization efforts. I look forward to your support in our ‘Full Speed Ahead’ campaign.


I remain available to all of you for any questions, suggestions and or any discussion you would like to have about our approach, our business, the future or just the weather …



Jim Barreiro de Leon

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