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“Everything we have been working on, has been to get us to this point”



It doesn’t always require an inspirational quote by ‘someone well-known’ to get a message across. Most famous quotes weren’t even known, certainly weren’t considered inspirational, at the time they were spoken. At times it wasn’t for years after the fact, (or for some, centuries after), that they had some meaningful impact to those in society seeking words of encouragement for whatever purpose.


In my opinion, it takes more than just a famous quote; we need visionaries, determination, teams that share that vision, more determination, years of preparation, diligent coordination but ultimately, it takes; ACTION, amongst all stakeholders to get things done. So, this time; no famous quotes, or seeking ‘third party’ inspiration for this edition. We have plenty of examples of individuals around us who work hard each day and deliver the best possible performance, or who are inspiring through their actions to keep their own teams motivated.


We underestimate the impact we can have to move legions of our crew, staff, contractors, business partners and others to continue to work hard to ensure; safety, guest satisfaction, cost efficiencies, completion of projects and now delivery of new ships. We do all this day in and day out for hours at the time while managing our own personal and family challenges, and of course while running out of hours in a day. Yet, you all maintain a focus on the betterment of the ship, product, department and your respective organization! Well, I would call that quite inspirational! To the crew onboard our ships, I would like to thank you all for your hard work, commitment and ability to act. We appreciate your continuous efforts to keep going, for motivating whomever you lead, and once again, for concluding a successful transition period between seasons.

All this hard work done by so many and everything we have been working on, has been to get us to this point, i.e. to take delivery of our very first newbuild vessel. For years referred to as Hull CMHI-196-1, she will be officially named the MV Greg Mortimer in September, is now receiving the finishing touches and will be quickly followed by sister vessels.


I am delighted to have been able to join this Group and to be able to contribute to this moment. I hope you can see that all the initiatives we have started, investments we have made, sessions of training, review of our procedures and engagement of new team members and reaching out to our stakeholders have all been about preparing ourselves for our future at CMI Ship Management. We must change in order to deal with our existing fleet and for the growth of the fleet of new ships and other third-party vessels coming online. The changes are ongoing and therefore we need your ongoing support in this process.


While dealing with the ongoing challenges, you will note that we are not done yet, as we will never be done in our business, but can keep preparing ourselves for things to come by inspiring others and taking action. You will find in this edition an indication of what each department is contributing to the organization and I hope you will enjoy this issue!





Jim Barreiro de León




We must change in order to deal with our existing fleet and the exponential growth of new ships coming online and more third-party vessels we will be taking under management. The changes are ongoing, and we therefore need your continued support in this process.



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