‘Time flies when you are

    having fun’ FIRST RECORDED CIRCA 1800

To our Clients, Officers, Staff and Crew across our Fleet, the CMI Office Staff and Partners wish you a Safe, Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2019, wherever you may call home.

‘Time flies when you are having fun’; I think everyone can identify with this idiom. It is uttered by all of us, certainly during the last few days of each year, and while it is being used frivolously by so many each day, it is also, so true.

But..., does time really fly, and are we really having fun? It has been explained as follows:

“When you are cognitively busy, you are focused on each task you are performing, and so you don’t have the opportunity to notice the passage of time. As a result, the interval feels like it passes quickly.”

Whether you are having fun or not, that of course can be debated, and I leave that to everyone to decide individually. I think we can all agree though, on how super-focused we at CMI have been this year on achieving the goals we had set out. To witness the changes taking place, the improvements culminating in better results and the development of strategies to deal with the ongoing challenges is where the fun lies in my opinion. I sincerely hope you share my sentiment.

I know that I can follow this line with a ‘but’ and explain how much more we must still accomplish etc. etc. ... , BUT I think we all know that. So, I just want to thank all of our crew onboard for the tremendous efforts displayed in 2018 in making sure we reached our objectives. Your commitment inspires me personally to continue improving support to your vessel, providing you with the tools to become more efficient, the resources to ease processes and training to increase competencies.

In 2019 we will focus on delivering just that, i.e., continuing what we have set out in 2018 and to get ready for the next generation vessels being delivered starting in August. Everything we have set out has been to prepare ourselves for things to come within our organization and within the cruise industry in general. The ‘greater effort’ I talked about in the previous print must be paying off in 2019. This ‘greater effort’ must continue as we have an obligation to meet the specific requirements of Charterers and Owners.

To this point, we have developed a ‘Compliance Campaign’ with an increased emphasis on key areas; from our safety systems to our safety culture, on vessels’ condition, > > >

zodiac maintenance, budget preparations, internal controls, InfoShip and much more; all with the objective to improve our performances onboard and in the office.

From a shipboard and office perspective we are looking at enhancing our safety culture, i.e. we must think, breathe and live safety, every minute of the day. We must continue to progress in our communication strategy, look at accurate reporting and timely responding, update procedures where necessary, control budgets and review onboard manning levels to optimize efficiencies. We can achieve better results working together, discussing our challenges constructively and productively to find common solutions.

The 2019 vessel budgets will include a crew training fund, whereby all vessels contribute to an account that supports training initiatives for our deck and engine crew members. This fund will be utilized to set up training sessions, whether collectively or individually, ashore or onboard, to ensure our crew receive the ongoing training needed to improve their performance and to further their careers.

You will read more about our crew operations resources and plans in this edition. I am excited to report that the entire office team is working hard on developing strategies to improve our services in their respective areas. A team will be visiting the vessel in Ushuaia (January) and during this April/May transition period to introduce our plans, provide training and inspect the vessels.

We are guided by the feedback we receive from our crew and our clients alike; our annual survey participation increased over previous years and clearly delineates the areas we must focus on. We thank you for your participation and cannot stress enough how important this feedback is for our operation. We continued with our Charterer Workshops as well, as we are receiving valuable input on how we can continue to improve synergies between our teams onboard and office.

This will be another exhilarating year at CMI with many projects lined up within our fleet, totaling in the region of 12 Million dollars. We have the Ocean Adventurer, Sea Spirit, Deutschland, Ocean Endeavour and the Grand Celebration being dry docked, while the Ocean Diamond is undergoing a major refurbishment of the Main Dining Room and together with the Ocean Atlantic will have some major system upgrades.

The Owners are committed to ensuring the vessels are well maintained. We must deliver each project on time and within budget. It is certainly an exciting time at CMI Ship Management.

In closing, we are focused on an all-inclusive management approach, we seek the full participation of the management teams onboard our vessels and we are driven by the feedback we receive from all stakeholders. We take all of this into consideration when we set forth our objectives, as we intend to deliver on our vision.

Your continued support and feedback in 2019 will be highly appreciated and I conclude by saying; ‘We know now time will fly, so let’s have fun!’


‘We know now time will fly, so let’s have fun!’



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